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Toronto Pest Control Services is a family owned pest and wildlife company serving the GTA. We have been an extermination company since 1989. Our philosophy is simple, superior customer service, knowledge and integrity. Whether you have a pest problem at home or in a business our knowledgeable staff will identify the specifics of your pest situation and provide a solution. The first and most important step for all pest or wildlife control is to accurately identify your pest. If you’re not sure what is making the noises in your attic or what species of ant you’re seeing, call us and our operators will identify it right over the phone.

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All our technicians are trained in both wildlife and pest control so rest assured they will always know what to do. One time services are an option but generally only solve the problem temporarily, Toronto pest Control and Wildlife services also has custom designed programs that will keep pests out for good. Technicians will come, treat and leave you a detailed notice. Our technicians are fully licensed through the ministry of the environment and our practices are constantly updated with seminars and courses. We invite you to read the many articles on our web site or just give us a call today and we can help.



Toronto Pest Control services are a member of the “Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario” and The “National Pest Management Association” and we attend all major conferences as well as other seminars offered by industry suppliers and researchers. We are committed to relentless research to find more effective, environmentally responsible pest control methods. The result is the best informed and most effective pest management in the industry.

Other areas we service include North York, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and surrounding cities.

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